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Differences as such are:

1. User-tracking: we track which users have seen which tours and this data is persisted at our backend. So people are mot repeatedly shown the same tours and distracted from using your app.

2. Apart from including the tour player script you dont have to make any changes to your existing page.

3. We support using your aites own custom Bootstrap themes out of the box, so you dont need to spend time customiZing the look of your tours.

1. Joyride has support for cookies.

2. It seems that if you were building a page to be a product tour, you could build the page to be a product tour.

3. What exactly does that mean? What properties does your product inherit from the Bootstrap theme?

1. What if your user switches between computers? Cookies are no longer available, and they will be shown the tour again.

2. The difference is there would be a separation of concerns. The tour functionality should not be part of your app. It should be a separate layer.

3. The tour tooltips will take over the CSS styles of the bootstrap theme you are using. So all the fonts, colors, button styles etc. will be similar to those you are already using on your site.

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