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Ask HN - what service do you use, for emails?
5 points by vijayr 1734 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
Looked at mailchimp, sendgrid etc. All of them look good, and cheap to start with (free). But quickly become expensive even with just a couple of thousand subscribers.

Then there are hosted solutions like sendy etc.

Which ones do you use and how do you like it?

I am using Mandrill at the moment and am very happy with them, not do any large volume sends yet but I am using their inbound API which is great. I have dealt with support twice and they have been very responsive and helpful.


Isn't it for transactional emails? If you had to send say 300k emails a month, it is going to cost more than 200$.

Looks like the big advantage of mandrill over mailchimp is that the number of subscribers is unlimited.

My startup, KingSide.com, provides an all in one marketing platform and API that you can sell under your own brand as a white label.

Amazon SES. It's cheaper than many of the alternatives, but it has less features.

Have you looked at Amazon SES? Very inexpensive, in my opinion.

We've been using SES for a while and while it does work well, it has experienced some significant downtime - just a thought.

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