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Hi guys,

We launched our weekend project about 2 weeks ago (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5206662). And have made a lot of improvements, including the ability to sign up to daily emails.

However, our big development is we found the layout of our site played nicely to include tributes of people who have changed the world - like Steve Jobs. So on some days, we will provide slideshows, like this one which showcase an indivduals best quotes.

So our site has morphed into a daily inspiration site but also tribute pages to those who inspire us the most.

We'd love to hear your feedback if you have any.

Thanks, sw1205 and jebarnes88

This is great - I'm a writer for Wired.com, this might have the makings of a fun story. I'm Joseph.flaherty@gmail.com if interested.

Awesome :) Will drop you a note now!

You got my sign-up! I like the idea of devoting an entire page for one thing. But how are you guys going to make money from this?

Great thanks! Glad you like it! We've some ideas - we think it'd make a cool iPad app and have also explored merchandising opportunites but for now we are just enjoying seeing people come to a site we created! It's a bit of a buzz for us and if it doesn't make any money but people like our site, and get inspired by our content, then that's a real win for us.

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