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Preparing Your Development Environment for SSL (scantosecure.com)
22 points by ExtremeML 1788 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

We found it much easier to pay the extra money for a wildcard cert and use that cert on dev/staging/etc and use subdomains for the various rigs. The only downside is that more people have access to your certs, which isn't a problem with a small team and could be mitigated by buying a throwaway cert for a different domain used for dev/staging. The time wasted by having each developer twiddle hosts files, blessing self-signed certs, etc is far more expensive than the cost of the (extra) wildcard cert, not to mention it keeps all of your environments the same which also saves time/money.

On Chrome on Android I got a mixed-content error; some of the assets on the page aren't over HTTPS, or there's an intermediate cert missing. That might be a good thing to fix in an SSL tutorial

Thank you, web designer of scantosecure.com, for blocking font resizing with "Ctrl +". It was extremely small, but the lines became wider than the screen itself as I zoomed in, and Readability didn't work on your page either. (http://imgur.com/a/jawW7#0)

I looked in and saw this:

  font:13px/1.7em 'Open Sans';
What is this? Is this causing the text to be unzoomable?

Maybe he's since fixed it, but ctr + works fine in FF on linux. I installed the Readability extension in FF and that appears to work too. At least I assume it works, I've never used it before, it looks like just a nicer version of turning off styles, which is my solution for pages that are too cute for their own good.

In any case, Readability got rid of the annoying black "Ask Us" box on the left that obscures content. (I hate those.) Of course, so does View/Page Style/No Style.

For any development SSL shenanigans we've had very good results with Pound[1]. This has nothing to do with certs, really, but it takes some pain away from fiddling around.

[1]: http://www.apsis.ch/pound

Why are guides still recommending using self-signed certs?

Free certs through StartSSL. Just do it.

Tangentially relevant: This is a textbook case of bad design. I cannot even read the article. http://imgur.com/jsMg0fG.jpg

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