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I recall reading an article somewhere that said Pinterest's layout is working for them because women love the infinite scroll. Since their users are mostly female, that's probably another reason why it works for them.

Women love using an information layout analogous to a physical format that's been obsolete for 1500 years due to having been superseded by pagination, and in which one loses one's place whenever attempting to reference previous information?

Pinterest is an anomaly; infinite scroll is broken in concept.

How can someone honestly claim that women love infinite scroll? The people who 'love' infinite scroll are the designers who decide this stuff is useful...which in my view makes for an inferior UX. The reason infinite scroll is bad is because if you want to look through a ton of information and click on any result, you can't just go back to where you were in your search results — instead you have to scroll (infinitely) back to your previous destination because whatever results you were looking at wouldn't be cached. Want to bookmark or share a page of the results you're looking at? Or what if you'd like to skip ahead to the results closer to the last page? Good luck with that on an infinite scroll site.

Although as a counterpoint, infinite scroll wasn't successful at Etsy and their audience is also primarily female:


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