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Ask HN: Serving Vector Images Via Web API?
2 points by bsmith 1731 days ago | hide | past | web | 3 comments | favorite
So, sometimes I need many different sizes of the same vector image on a site (i.e. logo). But saving multiple versions for web from Photoshop is a pain in the ass--especially when a year later you need to change the size of the logo and have to go find the PSD again.

How about keeping vector images in a folder somewhere on a webserver in EPS format or the like, and then providing an API that would let you specify the size and image format in the URL, like so:


You could set up caching and then everything would be dandy--just change the URL to get a different size. I think this would be great for icons, logos, etc.

I found something similar (http://imageresizing.net/) that requires running a .NET server, but I was wondering if there were other tools out there that did something like this? I've seen approaches that scale an existing raster image, but I like the vector solution better, especially if a pixel-fitting algorithm could be applied (see http://dcurt.is/pixel-fitting). I also tend not to like the results from image-resizing algorithms at smaller sizes.

You can embed SVG into HTML if you wish.

Basically, browsers support SVG.

Yeah, but part of my goal is to only have to change the source for the image in one place. I suppose I could have a partial template with the SVG in it and pass in a variable for the scale, but I would still prefer the elegance of having a web-accessible API so I can use the images anywhere.

And of course, IE8 and below don't speak SVG.

There's Photoshop scripts that will export a single image in a bunch of sizes. That would probably work in the interim.

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