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> This is not just for startup founders.

The OP resonated quite strongly with me, and I am neither a founder nor (currently) an employee of a startup.

IMO, the struggle that is described here is inherently universal. It's shared by anyone who has to maintain a facade of success while facing intense insecurity (often financial).

Likewise, the emotions described will ring very familiar to anyone who suffers or has suffered with depression - regardless of triggers.

> My personal bank account & business accounts both overdrawn, tens of thousands of dollars in debt to family members and my credit cards maxed out or closed. I've had no cash in my pocket and a dwindling supply of food in the cabinet.

On a smaller monetary scale, that is in fact me at this very moment. Last week I was de-facto homeless (living in a $10/day rental car). I don't want to wax poetic about my mental state at the time, but it bordered on the worst.

I was eventually able to swallow my pride and confided in some close friends and family that I was tapped out financially, physically drained and psychologically in quite a dark place.

Knowing, viscerally, that I have a support network that is in the know about my situation and willing to back me up was very powerful. If / when I move past this particular time in my life, I know that I most likely could not have done it without them.

I think I used to view that as a sign of weakness and dependence. Perhaps it is, but that's not really something that concerns me any more.

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