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> The truth is EVERYBODY is struggling.

Bullshit. I probably won't be able to pay rent unless my client pays my invoice next week. And that isn't very unusual.

I'm not about to kill myself, because I am used to the constant stress and poor health and barely getting by, but the point is, a lot of that post was just bragging, and financial security DOES matter.

I honestly don't feel sorry for rich people who want to kill themselves.

Totally agree! I get angry when people who have an iphone, a macbook and an it job are worried about their startup company and talk about being broke or suicide. Guys, you have never seen real life! I'm living in one of the richest countries in the world, but i know poverty, hunger, being homeless, without parents, without a bank card and without health insurance and without any perspective, any jobs or even university degree. Did I mention i was very good at school, but never finished because of having to work for food ? Business Gentlemen, you should not judge life by money! I think the general aim in life is to have food, health, a home, friends, sex, doing something useful and having a future. People in rich countries usually have all these things without even doing anything for it, so they cry about bad loans, bad jobs and bad internet connection. Guys, every day 150.000 people are dying on the planet, most of them due to hunger. So open your head and realize how good your life is.

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