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I want to offer something positive to go with that downer -- you can find people you can come to trust enough to talk to honestly. There are many investors who are great people who, once they've decided to back you, are going to be there for you and understand the roller-coaster ride and won't hold it against you. You can find co-founders who are level-headed and have the right expectations, and don't get freaked out by some straight talk. You can and should talk to family members and significant others. That way, it can be 'us against the world' rather than 'me against the world'.

The hard part is finding those people :)

How do you know when you've found those people? Some people seem completely friendly and level-headed until things go awry.

Even worse (and especially in LA) some people are completely friendly until you're not around.

have met such people indeed..

Key point: Talk straight AFTER you have money in the bank. Not before.

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