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Great post Bubs. It's really unfortunate that the world responds better to "we are killing it", than to the truth. Thank you for being around to chat. You rock!

What the world wants is never what it needs. It needs authentic people who are vulnerable and willing to speak to the full emotional spectrum that most of humanity goes through. It needs a sense of community, and an ability to listen as much as it talks. These are things worth working on.

Fame is not real. It is little more than a flash in the pan of mainstream consciousness. As soon as they've discovered you they're looking to move on.

Just know that "we are killing it" doesn't mean anything. Like how do you do, it is just an empty phrase.

If things are really going well for people they will say things like we doubled our user numbers, became profitable, received an investment, got aquired, had an IPO.

"Killing it" is just a vague thing people say when they have no actual success but won't admit it.

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