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Whatever happened to Atlas? I thought cappuccino was dead.

It seemed clear to me that it needed an Interface Builder equivalent, but Atlas was in perpetual beta and ignored for years, motorola bought them and the 280 north guys went to "hot" startups.

I was really interested in Cappuccino for quite awhile, still would be if it could deliver a working system that was in reasonably good shape. (I'm not saying it can't, but it's apparently being abandoned years ago made me believe I shouldn't invest time into it.)

Cappuccino is an open source project, and continues to thrive. You can see the public activity on Github: http://github.com/cappuccino/cappuccino

As you are aware, Atlas is dead and has been for some time. But Cappuccino has always been valuable without it -- virtually everything ever built with Cappuccino was not built with Atlas. Instead, the community poured a lot of resources into improving compatibility with Xcode and Interface Builder, getting many (if not all) of the benefits Atlas would have brought to the table.

When Motorola bought 280 North, they also got Atlas. For whatever reason Motorola never continued Atlas/made it public. Most Cappuccino developers instead use Interface Builder to layout the interface and the tool nib2cib to bring it into a Cappuccino project.

I was really disappointed with 280 North and their lack of transparency regarding Atlas. I was a beta customer and they kept promising an update on the Motorola situation. Nothing but silence.

The interface builder equivalent these days for Cappuccino is interface builder. You can actually create your Cappuccino UIs in IB.

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