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"No prizes for guessing what will happen in two years' time when node.js is no longer the shiny new hotness"

Do you honestly think there will be anything out in the JavaScript world that will replace node.js within the next 2 years?

Please think before you snark.

There will be something, perhaps not even in the JS world, that will be the shiny new hotness. They seem to be fairly language agnostic when it comes to their build tools.

An evolution from not JS to JS for a JS library is not really language agnostic. I'm not sure you have an appropriate grasp of what the JS landscape looked like when we started Cappuccino.

I love your condescending tone.

The project began with a Java-based system to a Ruby one to a JavaScript one. I appreciate things weren't as developed back in the day, but it appears the project uses what's best, regardless of the language. That, to me, is the epitome of being language agnostic and it's not a bad thing.

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