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So I took a quick look at the Jakefile and it doesn't seem like it does a whole lot more than shelling out and a little bit of file manipulation.

I wonder if Cappuccino has considered using make. make is maintained. make works on Windows. make is unglamorous but it works and it has worked for decades.

IIRC, one reason we wrote a build system in JavaScript was the compiler itself ran in Rhino, and the startup time of the JVM/Rhino was ridiculously slow when shelling out to it for each source file (hundreds of times in a full build of Cappuccino). Having the rest of the build system and compiler running in the same process eliminated that latency.

And yes, we tried Nailgun (http://www.martiansoftware.com/nailgun/) but I don't recall why that didn't work out.

Perhaps there were better solutions, just pointing out it wasn't completely NIH syndrome.

* Make introduces non-platform-related dependencies (e.g., you now need a make binary, not available by default on Windows, and not needed by anything else in the JavaScript development toolchain).

* nmake, bsdmake, and gnumake are all slightly incompatible with each other if you want to do something smart.

Being able to work in JavaScript code is valuable to our users (and to the project itself). Learning make would be a significant barrier for many of them.

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