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Ask HN: Do you use an e-mail provider or run your own servers?
8 points by robbiet480 1587 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite

Inbound: Rackspace Mail [1]. $2/month/mailbox. 100% uptime SLA. 24/7/365 phone/chat/email support. Daily backup included. Spam filter works well.

Outbound: Mandrill [2]. It's the same platform MailChimp (2.5M customers) runs on. SMTP or HTTP APIs. Free up to 12k mails a month. Zero problems, great deliverability.

1: http://www.rackspace.com/apps/email_hosting/rackspace_email/

2: http://www.mandrill.com/

We run our own servers using iRedMail + iRedAdmin LDAP Pro. Hosting over 35 domains with a total of ~300K emails traffic per month on one server and it run perfectly. Spam filter work well when it has been tuned.


Combination. Use gmail for almost all purposes. Mailchimp for managing subscription list. Own servers for other marketing emails, which although can be classified as semi spam.

Run our own. We are also a backup for some of our clients, if their servers go down.

We support Exchange, so we keep versions running here to stay familiar with the product.

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