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>The "designer friendly" templates push all of the lift:foo stuff into class names in the template.

Oh, I realize you can do that also, I just didn't recognize that there's any difference. <lift:foo> and <div class="lift:foo"> are identical right? Heist lets you do both too.

>That is funny to hear that haskell compiles faster.

Not in the general case, but specifically with snap. I'm not sure what magic they have going on in their dynamic loader, but it is much faster than the one yesod uses for example (another haskell framework).

The difference is pretty much strictly whether it can validate and generally display correctly. I seem to recall browsers were less than good about the tags, whereas just having the classes works great to bang away at a template, and then use it.

Cool to see that Heist is effectively the Lift templating system. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to see some movement in that direction. I do still for more templating like this in the jvm, though. I'll have to look into TAL more when I get the chance.

Of course, right now I'm having to use GWT for a project. Don't know why, but I loath UiBinder. And, well, most of GWT at the moment. :(

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