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Ask HN: How do you find out about startup parties/events?
9 points by matthodan 1675 days ago | hide | past | web | 4 comments | favorite
Is there a master mailing list, facebook group, meetup, or some other organized approach? Or, is it all just word of mouth via friends?

There are a couple of sites you can lookup or subscribe for alerts:





They are everywhere. Go to a place where people are working on interesting things and there will be plenty of invites. I would never go to FB group, meetups could work depending on the city.

What if you don't live nearby? How would someone from San Francisco find out about parties/events in New York or Houston?

Its almost impossible to miss if you live in SF. There are way too many everywhere. Especially if you have friends in the area who are into tech. Also people list events all the time.

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