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Build an engaged platform for hackers in different domains of CS
on Feb 22, 2013 | hide
Goal: Build a platform for hackers to solve interesting Computer Science challenges in a wide variety of domains.

Hypothesis: Every problem solver has one type of challenge in a particular domain that he/she loves to solve. It could be AI, Machine Learning, Security, Databases, Algorithmic trading, etc. We're building a large collection of problems with progressively increasing difficulty from beginner to real-world problems/data sets.

How big can you get? A room full of hackers is possibly the most valuable one ever. We're building this online.

Why should you work with us?

>Build a product that's intellectually gratifying and stay sharp forever

>Foundation brick in building a company

>Be amongst fighters. That's the best way to describe the team. I might be biased but it's one of the most inspiring workplaces I've seen. You should meet us to believe.

apart from the fact that we pay well, provide equity options and funded by YC, Khosla Ventures, Jawed Karim, etc.

What'd you be working on?

Your focus would be on two important metrics - Engagement (time spent and interaction) and retention. We obsess over users a lot (https://twitter.com/ksetyadi/status/303807178114990082) and been doing a bunch of experiments on our site which has made thousands of users happy.

Imagine if you grew this number by 100x? Your role is to build (or kill) components on the site that'll grow both the metrics.

>Analyzing engagement and retention metrics, feedback from users and base product decisions on them

>Running experiments/coding some components of the product to grow the two data points.

>Detailed product specifications that'll help designers and hackers to execute more ideas and make it live

What are we looking for?

>You have coded extensively in the past and continue to build stuff for fun

>You understand the way hackers think and what they enjoy, and you are able to translate ideas into how it should reflect on the website

>Explicit mention of some of the earlier products you've worked on - what changes you made and how they affected the business value

>Experience working in user growth teams in the past is a huge plus

>You are very numbers obsessed and the first thing you wake up to is an analytics dashboard

Interested? Mail me (vivek [at] hackerrank)

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