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Song of GitHub (song-of-github.herokuapp.com)
197 points by goddabuzz on Feb 22, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 46 comments

Author here. Thanks for the wonderful comments! I also fixed the https issues.

This was really taken to the next level thanks to a couple of pull requests from some really talented developers; rpflorence, phuu, and everyone else with issues and pull requests. This is what makes open source so cool. https://github.com/ajacksified/song-of-github/contributors

Also, Midi.js is really fun to play with. http://mudcu.be/midi-js/

Obligatory song link: http://song-of-github.herokuapp.com/?username=ajacksified

A lament: https://song-of-github.herokuapp.com/?username=aaronsw

How fitting that it ends on a discordant note.

Doesn't seem to work anymore, I guess the autor removed it?

It works if you use http instead of https. I don't know why RyanMcGreal linked it that way. jQuery isn't getting loaded over https so that's why it's not working.

Here's the correct link: http://song-of-github.herokuapp.com/?username=aaronsw

This is only my second post so I don't know if this goes against the community guidelines but...

Hell yeah!, I love open source!

Thanks for the pull request! On it.

edit: aaand fixed. also, had to switch to google; code.jquery.com doesn't provide https :(

It looks like my HTTPSEverywhere add-on automatically redirects from http to https on Heroku apps.

Funny - the https link works for me.

You're (probably) either not on Chrome (which blocks mixed content by default), or HTTPSEverywhere changes that feature (since blocking mixed content breaks a lot of websites' https version)

Firefox 19.0 - and you're right, I just confirmed that the https link doesn't work on Chrome.

I just tried it again - it's working for me.

This is great, I love small hacks like these!

I would love to be able to authorize it with my Github account so it can read my contributions to my private repository. All around great work.

Great idea; I've heard it a few times. I actually built this against an undocumented API call; if you watch the network tab when you open up GitHub, it makes an ajax request for JSON. I replicated that request with https.get on the server, then dump that json out on the page (to get around CORS problems.)

I think they're using sessions to determine if you're logged in / authenticated; so I'd need to either see if I can just pass in an oauth token and see what happens, wait for them to build an API around it, or just do the work of combing the repositories and build the data manually.

I second that :)

The song of bootstrap: http://song-of-github.herokuapp.com/?username=mdo

Very nice :)

Melancholy; melodic but listless; in turns sporadic and frenetic; all too brief, and all too incomplete.


http://song-of-github.herokuapp.com/?username=antirez <- best one I heard so far :-) this thing is fun.

Also, it's just me or does MIDI.js have the potential to lead the renaissance of midi music on the internet? I had almost forgotten midi files existed if it weren't for this lib.

It's going to lead to someone writing a MIDIBlock extension for Chrome, which I will happily install alongside FlashBlock and AdBlock.


I like how mind sounds. Sounds like a lone explorer searching for programming nirvana for a year, got disappointed for a little bit, and then eventually rediscovered the joy of programming again.


This is really really nicely done. Thanks for this. This made my day.

Woah , the music generated is beautiful looks like some sort of computational creativity. Trovalds's song is depressing , http://song-of-github.herokuapp.com/?username=torvalds

My public github is pretty sad, so I wired this up for GitHub Enterprise (https://github.com/burkemw3/song-of-github) and like my song much better now.

Awesome stuff man! mine is very boring: http://song-of-github.herokuapp.com/?username=chinchang :P

Mine was disappointing, but here's a pretty one:


Congratulations, Just a musician can think that :)

LOL, my song is the saddest song I've ever heard. It sounds like the score to a point a play where the protagonist loses everything.

This is absolutely brilliant, well done.

Great idea, great thing to have fun with. And a great motivation, to contribute more in the future... ;-)

I love it. So simple. So creative!

Great idea! Try using a pentatonic scale, or sharp the 4th (F) to avoid some dissonance.

Oh, good idea. I may add in the ability to select scale (or select it based on frequency of contributions / username checksum or something).

This is the best thing I've seen on the web in 2013 so far. Amazing amazing job

I would suggest that for those people who don't contribute quite as often as big contributors, to change the pace inbetween large gaps so the song isn't just a note followed by 30s of nothing. But this is great!

This is not a bug! Contribute more! :)

At least the gap at the beginning should be shortened. As that's not something you have any control over now.

This. I thought my headphones weren't working then suddenly a random note on its own!

It doesn't seem to work on chrome canary in OSX Lion.

Nice, some MIDI.js magic! I like.

What a cool idea, awesome!

Cool idea!

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