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As someone who's just learning lift, it's woefully underdocumented. You can do some really cool stuff with it, but learning requires scrounging tutorials from random blogs, and it then turns out half of them are out of date.

Templating wise the Wicket approach is the best I've ever used, and I wish that style was available in other languages. You don't put any logic or control in your templates; your object graph in code controls your page hierarchy, your components are genuinely reusable objects.

Yeah, I should have mentioned Wicket (it is credited as an influence for lift, after all). I can't remember what made that so difficult to work with. I think it was because you had to effectively mirror the template in code at parts, if I recall. As I noted somewhere else, the lift way of more directly manipulating the template is what I like. (That is, I don't have to have a ton of "liftId" attributes added to the template. In general, I just need the base class attribute added, and then I can manipulate the template using css selectors. This does mean some shape of the template has to be preserved, but I haven't found that limiting yet.)

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