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First Engineer at Early-Stage VC Funded Startup with Revenue
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Pathjoy is a platform for connecting homeowners with high-quality, trustworthy, affordable home service providers - starting with home cleaning. Started by Aaron and Adora - a brother and sister hacker duo - Pathjoy rose out of Y Combinator and is now funded by investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Max Levchin, First Round Capital, and Paul Buchheit. Our goal is to bring affordable, safe and convenient services to every home - and out of the category of a luxury service - while treating our contractors exceptionally well. We've got a proven business model that’s already expanded to 5 cities while maintaining high customer satisfaction. Now we’re looking for a self-motivated individual to lead engineering and solve our problems with code.


Here’s what we’re looking for:

* You’re a hacker who tells your friends you’re so much more than that because you love to understand the details of a business to figure out what needs to be built

* You’re fast - you walk the fine line between getting products out the door and building them to perfection

* Your peers describe you as a rockstar, but the term embarrasses you. Pathjoy has a culture that revolves entirely around our customers and cleaners, not our egos.

* You’ve built significant web applications in Python and can show us what you shipped and how you made critical product decisions (let’s talk if you don’t know Python but have 5+ years of exceptional web experience)

* You’ve got a Computer Science degree

* You get excited about hacking real-world business problems - such as how to simplify the matching process between thousands of jobs and hundreds of cleaners, creating a simple user interface while clarifying customer expectations, and reacting to customer feedback with operational changes real-time

* Experience as a founder or in a seed-funded startup environment a plus


Here’s what you get:

* To build a simple and intuitive web product and engineering team focused on impressing our customers and service providers

* To hang out with us and our awesome team - including hackers from Stanford and MIT

* Serious equity

* Competitive pay

* Housing stipend

* Health insurance (Medical, Dental, Vision)

* Lunches (and Dinners if you just can’t get enough of us)

* New machine and other needed hardware

* Personal training sessions

* Transit pass

* House cleaning

* Relocation expenses (as needed)


Our customers are already saying fantastic things about us:

* “Sign up and scheduling was easy and intuitive; great email and text reminders”

* “[After Pathjoy comes] our apartment shine like crazy....my wife actually posted a picture of our sink on Facebook to show how clean it was”

* “An awesome service that has drastically improved the quality of life in our house”


Interested in helping us bring affordable home service to the masses? Contact us at engineering@pathjoy.com

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