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Come Build Games with LVL6 (YC W12)
1701 days ago | hide
Hey HN,

We're LVL6 and we build hardcore (male-centric) social mobile games on iOS. We believe mobile as a medium for gaming isn't being done correctly. Virtual joystick? Pass. Though we're still currently a small team, we have huge aspirations.

We KNOW competitive games like WoW or LoL will one day soon find themselves on mobile, and we want to be the guys/gals to bring it to the masses. Today, we've managed to create a successful text-based MMO on the iOS market, but we need strong developers who truly have a passion for gaming to deliver the experience we've all come to love on the PC to mobile. Consider this our call to arms.

Here's ideally who we're looking for:

iOS Developer (Full Time / On-Site)

RESPONSIBILITIES: Code in Objective-C primarily and develop features that uses the iPhone SDK, such as in-app purchase and animations. Design and implement scalable, reliable, and maintainable technologies for our gaming platform.

REQUIREMENTS: Demonstrated fluency in a compiled language. Exposure to Objective-C, ideally through some commercial experience (Mac OS X and/or iPhone) or independent iPhone application development. Excited about working in a fast-moving, lean, start-up where you will be writing code that will bring joy to millions. Experience with Objective-C + Cocos2D is a huge plus.

To conclude, we're looking for someone with the credentials above who also wants to bring something to the table. If you've experienced and understood the agony of having to carry a n00b after he steal kills all game, we'd love for you to send us an email.

Cheers! LVL6 Team | alex@lvl6.com

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