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I wonder if it is still too soon to start seeing the worst failure cases given the age of the drives.

I am curious why RAID6 is (still) used given its poor behavior in failure conditions. I am guessing that Backblaze is not as worried about additional drive failure in an array during a rebuild because they are periodically verifying each drive.

Comparing to a X4540 is kind of a stretch. The use cases seem very different. Also, it for Backblaze, they wouldn't exist at the price they charge, with the price that Sun charged for an X4540.

I hope Joyent does release something about their config, that would be very interesting.

(Yev w/ Backblaze here) -> We have drives that have remained online since the first versions of the storage pods, but we've just recently started collected drive failure rates. Typically we see that if a drive can stay up for the first two weeks, it will live happily in the pod for a good long while.

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