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https://ripple.com/wiki/How_it_works (RTFA)

Did you read my comment? When I referred to a bunch of wiki pages I was referring to (among others) the page you linked to. Are you saying that page is on par with the bitcoin paper? That's a little flimsy for a specification. Are people supposed to refer to that page's wiki revision number[1] and the fifteen other pages that are incorporated by reference/linking?

RTFA? Cool your jets bro...

[1] https://ripple.com/wiki/index.php?title=How_it_works&old...


Sorry, I didn't read your comment carefully. I do think the Ripple wiki has a similar level of detail to the original Bitcoin paper, although I'm not a big fan of either one.


HN would be a lot better place if more people were like you and had the class+decency to recognize their error and say "sorry." I wish I could upvote your comment 100 times.


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