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Scribd (SF, top 100 site) is hiring PM #1 to build the world's online library
on Feb 20, 2013 | hide
Scribd's vision is to build the library of the twenty-first century. We are a small-ish but dedicated team of 35 people in San Francisco working towards this vision.

So far, we're most proud of having:

- Built one of the world's largest websites with over 100M monthly uniques

- Built a profitable company with a sustainable business model

- Created a rich, fun culture and attracted an amazing team

Scribd has strong engineering and design chops, and now we are looking to bring on an experienced product manager/owner. Since our product is the most important part of the company, we envision this as a role with huge responsibility.

Rather than building out a whole product team, we're looking to bring on one person with a lot of firepower. We'd like to hire someone who combines strong core product design / product management and technical skills with the ability to be really strategic and take on large areas of the scribd product at a time.

While we're looking primarily at people who have formal PM experience, we'd be open to taking a bet on someone who has had a de-facto PM role like a cofounder of a startup. But whatever your title, you should have proven your ability to create awesome products by having a leadership role in one before. And you should be the kind of person who can take a look at Scribd and immediately start pointing out all the things that you would fix.

We certainly prefer people who come from an engineering background, but the most important requirement is the ability to work with engineers collaboratively to get things done. You'll need to be comfortable working at a place where a lot of people have strong opinions about the product and be an excellent persuasive communicator to build consensus.

In addition to growing our core business, we're working on some really disruptive new projects now. We'd love to tell you about them.

More info and cool pics of our office zip-line are at http://www.scribd.com/jobs. If you're interested, send us an email at jobs@scribd.com.

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