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Agile Anti-Patterns in Non-Blocking Development (sprint.ly)
17 points by joeyespo on Feb 20, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

You can't ship process but here's my process... :-)

People don't really understand what process means.

To the point: people over process still applies today just as well as it applied when the manifesto was written. You can suck the life out of your team by forcing them to do things they don't believe make sense (and probably don't make sense).

Face to face is important. Different time zones? Find the right time of day. Use Hangouts or Skype. There are obviously many other complementary communication tools.

Individuals have always been asynchronous but collaboration helps get the best out of people. It's a mix. The Agile manifesto doesn't say be in each other's face all day and don't let anyone get any work done...

Reminds me of an old essay by Steve Yegge about Agile: http://steve-yegge.blogspot.ca/2006/09/good-agile-bad-agile_...

Both the quotes from the article are hilariously vacuous: “You can’t ship process.” and “You have to be agile in your approach to agile.”

The latter is perhaps overly condensed, but there seem to be folks who never progress beyond a dogmatic phase of applying agile techniques. I.e. using feedback to apply the correct tools to the problem instead of forcing a static approach to the problem.

> At Sprint.ly we’re big fans of shipping.

Who isn't? "Yeah, shipping? Not really that in to it."

When I clicked on that title, I honestly expected a parody.

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