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If only there was a unix-oriented backup provider with bulk pricing lower than S3, 12 years of history, and a public, aggressive stance on privacy and civil liberties.

Oh, if only such a provider existed. (rsync.net)

Yeah, but your standard costs for not crazy huge amounts of data aren't as competitive as I've been able to find. We're storing on a competitor for about half what you guys charge and they provide rsync/ssh access.

I'm building a service to be on top of rsync.net -so far-, and the only problem is the lack of a admin API to automate everything. In the plus side, the guys answer emails (faster and better than azure and s3, IMHO).

I wouldn't say this in most places, but always, always email us about your data sizes and needs. There's usually a way to make the pricing work if you are both:

- technically competent - have smaller space needs

Care to name names? Inquiring minds, and all that...

Strongspace at http://www.strongspace.com/

Interestingly they use ZFS on FreeBSD I believe.

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