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"Our monthly cost for a full rack of Storage Pods with 3 TB drives is $0.63 per TB, while a full rack of Storage Pods with 4 TB drives is $0.47 per TB. "

Interesting coincidence, 180TB of Google Storage comes out at $8560 per month which is $47.55 per TB. Almost exactly x100.


And that does not include the network cost.

Google Storage (or Amazon S3) have multi-rack and even multi-room redundancy that the Backblaze setup does not at the quoted price. And that doesn't account for the costs of managing and administering those machines, nor replacing dead disks and machines when they do fail.

I expect that you'll generally find that Google or AWS more pricey than a DIY-setup, partly because of hidden costs and partly because they are actually trying to make money off of their services, even if the margins aren't outrageous.

Well either they're making 99% gross margin, or perhaps they need a few Backblaze Storage Pods.

The very high gross margin is more likely - they're charging as much as they can, not as little as they can.

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