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Any news on building apps with F#? These two articles look like a great start, but it would be nice if there was a more official/streamlined way to do it.

http://7sharpnine.com/posts/monotouch-and-fsharp-part-i/ http://7sharpnine.com//posts/monotouch-and-fsharp-part-ii/

I'm still waiting for part 3 if Dave is reading :-)

We are actively working on F# support for our products.

We have built on the great work that the F# community has done and will be shipping it in future versions of the product.

We are looking at a beat of our F# support for March.

Great news! I'd better stop reading all those haskell books and start brushing up on F# 3.0 then I guess :-)

Haskell books will certainly not hurt. You won't need monads right away and you won't feel lacking certain Haskell powers if you don't read RWH right away, but in the long run, it will make F# more enjoyable. Of course OCaml books, ML books, and Clojure books will always help too, as will Scala ones.

I'm also curious about this. Promisingly, F# is explicitly mentioned under the "Extensible" heading here: http://xamarin.com/studio.

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