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Dropzone.js - JS library for drag-and-drop file uploads with image previews (dropzonejs.com)
206 points by professorplumb on Feb 19, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 32 comments

Nice. We use jquery-filedrop, which is really simple, but does the trick.


Just add the ability to paste an image from the clipboard (on supported browsers obviously) and its great!

Do you mean a button, that, when clicked, uploads the image from clipboard? (https://github.com/enyo/dropzone/issues/38)

Similar to gmail in chrome where you can press ctrl+v (cmd+v mac) to paste and if it is an image it uploads the image for you as if you just dragged a file.

Another example that uses it is: http://mysticpaste.com

Just get an image in your clipboard and paste in the box

Looks pretty nice.

For what it's worth, it seems like a lot of the other players in this space have gotten popular by providing tutorials for usage with Rails, PHP, etc.

Might be worth a few paragraphs.

Thanks for the suggestion. I created an issue for it and will try to add it soon: https://github.com/enyo/dropzone/issues/37


After dragging a file to the drop board, I couldn't remove it (FF18 OSX10.7).

It would be nice if I could drag off as loading the wrong file seems to require a page refresh to undo.

I'm in the progress of developing hooks for removing (and programmatically adding) files. So this feature will be available soon. (https://github.com/enyo/dropzone/issues/36)

Anyone else finding that the demo is broken, particularly in Firefox on Linux? I filed an issue: https://github.com/enyo/dropzone/issues/34

Pretty neat library. Any plans to connect to filepicker.io? Would love to be able to drag a file in my webapp for it to upload to filepicker automatically and haven't got the time yet to do it myself!

Wish people would stop depending on jQuery.

Old browsers can default to a normal form input.

You're not the first criticising this about my library. I used adapters in another lib of mine (http://www.opentip.org) and it worked great, but the work involved in testing all browsers is not comparable to just using jQuery (especially when working with events). But it is definitely on my todo list (https://github.com/enyo/dropzone/issues/39).

EDIT: PS: I also chose jQuery over any other lib just because it's the most wide spread. Personally I have worked with Ender, Component, RequireJS and don't use jQuery in all my projects.

Why do you wish people would stop depending on jQ? I'm just curious.

For one, it's heavy compared to some very simple JS and a good portion of the time you don't need the entirety of the library.

That said, it does abstract much of the crap that goes along with XMLHttpRequests and all the cross-browser idiosyncrasies that go along with it.

I'd say at this point it's a matter of personal preference and performance requirements.

I think a combination of something like TinyXHR (https://gist.github.com/shimondoodkin/4706967) and querySelectorAll would suffice for many simple use-cases on modern browsers.

Not everyone uses jQuery; I don't. This should be titled 'jQuery library...'

Nice, though it would be awesome if it could client-side resize images over a certain size, like Plupload does. Helps to manage people uploading 4000px wide images straight out of their camera.

on iOS 6, iphone, I get a bug where it only shows me a fraction of the image I'm uploading in the preview.

Does anyone know why this is? I had the same issue with jQuery-File-Upload.

I assume you mean the black bar problem? It's a bug in iOS when you try to resize images client size. There's no workaround (besides disabling client-side image processing for iOS) AFAIK.

I've heard that https://github.com/stomita/ios-imagefile-megapixel works around the issue. I haven't had a chance to try it personally, yet.

Are you talking about this issue? https://direct.ilovefreegle.org/uploads/p17935j7131t5l2ql87a...

If so, great to know that there's a fix!

Yes that's the bug in question. There isn't really a fix for it, but a very very ugly workaround. Look at ios-imagefile-megapixel to see how they fixed it if you want. Or you can wait a few days for my implementation will be better documented.

Hi, I'm the author of Dropzone. iOS has a bug (as already mentioned by other users) resizing images in canvas. There are workarounds, and I already started implementation (https://github.com/enyo/dropzone/commits/ios-squas). Unfortunately ios-imagefile-megapixel doesn't meet my coding standards so I didn't want to just take the code of their implementation. I will release my fix soon.

Quickly scanning the site and grepping the coffeescript source I didn't see any ajax support built in. That would make a nice option (if not the default).

This is perfect, thanks for sharing!

always struggle trying anything related to drag n drop on my ubuntu 12.10, because the moment i drag a file on nautilus the entire sets of apps get disabled on my unity sidebar except firefox and nautilus. and even firefox doesn't open so basically am stuck :(

You can use the window pinning (not sure of the right word) to quickly move a window to take half the screen by dragging it to either side. Then you can do the same with the the other window. Once done dragging to the top will fullscreen it again.

Dropzone also supports click to upload, so you do not HAVE to drag'n'drop. It's just cooler if you can ;)

Thank god for this. So much easier to use this with Require JS instead of jQuery-File-Upload.

This is nice. Anyone know if it will work for direct uploads to S3?

I've been playing with browser uploads for a few weeks now (including S3) and was too worried about the complexities of uploading to S3.

I realized that there's nothing really fancy going on when uploading to S3. That's only true since Amazon added CORS support. Just add a few hidden form fields and you're good to go.

Properly populating those fields can be a bit tricky, however. This gem will does a great job and should give you a head start: https://github.com/waynehoover/s3_direct_upload

You might want to take a look at our Webscript example for doing this: https://www.webscript.io/examples/s3upload. (You can ignore the download part.) It should be trivial to use Dropzone.js instead of the normal <input> in the example HTML.

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