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Thanks for all this. I need to spend some time parsing it.

One thing that CohortMe is doing that keeps the thing from being unwieldy is that I only go back 12 periods. So only 12 weeks, or 12 days or 12 months.

Not a perfect solution, but it's version 0.0.1 :) I really only wanted to see 12 weeks right now anyways. Until I have some decent data going into the months.

Oh I understand completely. It's just that I think triangle heatmaps are awesome visualizations that nobody's heard of. They were my entire life for 4 months and I can't stop talking about them given the opportunity :)

That's awesome. I'll check them out. That's funny you mention the can't stop talking about them. I keep asking anyone who'll listen to me about cohort analysis :) to see if they want to geek out with me and talk stats and user retention. So far, not a very good hit rate amongst friends.

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