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Show HN: Mercurio, the deployment black box (madewithbytes.com)
25 points by a_alfredo on Feb 19, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Love it. Great job!

I can imagine you coding furiously and quickly pushing the button...tack..tack..tack...push!

By the way did you have to order/make the box to the specifics you wanted or was it ready-made?

Thank you! Hearing the click on the button is really fun.

The only bits that are made for each other is the vinyl base that keep the arduino and the bread board next to each other.

I had to cut the holes in the box myself, that bit was interesting, because I am not a great at that, but the whole process was fun!

This is fantastic, do you plan on extending perhaps with a nuclear-submarine style master key for production deployments?

How much did the hardware set you back?

I already had a few bits that I needed for building it, but doing some quick maths that you should be able to build one from scratch from around £65 (including the black box).

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