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> No, I don't.

Well, I can't help you with intentional obtuseness.

> Alon Zakai is just a dude who made Quake and you're bitching at him because it's not Crysis.

Super cool argument from authority (or I'm not quite sure what argument you were making so maybe not), bro.

> Maybe Alon Zakai just isn't as ambitious as you. Maybe he just wants to make the web a little bit better today and you want to make the web a lot better 10 years from now. Good for you, get to work, let others work on the projects that are of interest to them. If you succeed I think you'll be pretty darn famous, and like I said, I'll upvote your efforts even if you fail, it's worth a shot. Get coding.

No shizzle that if someone builds this they would be famous. Also, I was not convinced if it would be worthile for me to sink any time into this until you said that you'd upvote me, but now that that division of labor is established, there is nothing in the way.

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