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I love the transition and animation capabilities of css3. But I just can't get a hang of writing all these vendor specific code. If only there was jquery for css.

By leveraging LESS or SASS you can create mixins which handle the vendor prefixing for you. For those new to LESS or SASS, the addition will require you to update your workflow a bit to compile the syntax down to vanilla CSS. This minimal impact though is far outweighed by the benefits of managing less style rules in your LESS or SASS file(s).

If JS is an option for your project, you can also consider libraries such as Anima http://lvivski.github.com/anima/

There's http://lesselements.com/ for vendor-prefixes & https://github.com/machito/animate.less (based on http://daneden.me/animate/) for some pre-made animations.

You could use LESS or something similar, fork a repo like this one [1] and start adding your stuff.

[1] https://github.com/anthonyvscode/Less-CSS3-Mixins

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