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Actually it's because so many cyclists break the rules that do apply to them: running red lights, cycling on the pavement (sidewalk), and so on. And this is why pedestrians often feel the same animosity towards cyclists that drivers do.

I disagree. It's much more complicated than that. Virtually every single car on the road breaks a giant number of laws every day. I walk/metro/bus to work, and I see an average of 20-50 law-breaking drivers every day.

Drivers aren't hating cyclists because one group breaks the rules, as if the other doesn't.

As a cyclist, I get pissed at every driver parking in the bike lane, speeding down the street, blowing through red lights, taking multiple lanes, etc. Bad drivers isn't exclusive to cyclists. I think you just notice the bad cyclists because there are more of a rarity than all the bad drivers on the road, who occur with regular frequency in comparison.

You do understand that most drivers also break those same rules. With any means of transportation people will take the shortcut to go faster. It's also significantly more difficult for a cyclist to come to a full stop than a driver.

This is absolutely the biggest issue for me. Another commentor pointed out this can't be the issue because drivers do the same thing.

The actually problem isn't that cyclists break laws. It's that they break them doing incredibly stupid and dangerous things that I don't/can't expect. I know most of the stupid things other drivers are going to do. Cars are easily visible and I can usually see stupid maneuvers coming. I've had several close calls with cyclists. A common scary scenario is when they are driving against traffic on the sidewalk when there are serious visual obstructions. That's what makes me the angriest.

The sidewalk thing varies by municipality (at least in my state), but I get your point.

Yep, came here to say this. I live in DC, every day without fail people just whizz right through intersections as they please. That is exactly why some cyclists anger me, they demand equal use of the road while ignoring the rules. It's incredibly hard to enforce those rules without bike police of some sort though.

> cycling on the pavement (sidewalk)

At speed. Don't forget how fast they buzz along now that they don't have cars to worry about, and how quietly they move.

I greatly prefer skateboarders. Even if they move at a good clip, they're clattering along and giving everyone plenty of advance warning. Bikes just barely make any sound at all until they're nearly on top of you.

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