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absolutely... especially for an editor! she talked a lot and said nothing! she has no opinion and leaves it absolutely open, aparently there is no fault by anyone? ... well at least the CEO of Tesla gave facts and not just his opinion (like the new york time journalist and editor)!

So which is it ? Does the editor have an opinion or not have an opinion.

Also Musk gave his interpretation of the facts. One person's deliberate deceit is another's innocent mistake.

The editor has an opinion. She knows that Broder is full of it, and condemns him in the strongest allowable terms. She can't flog Broder outright (absent some glaring evidence of fraud or something), so she needs to smooth the waters. If there had been an angle to attack Musk with, I think there's a good chance that she'd have wailed on him.

Innocent, misleading, and pernicious -- none of those are mutually exclusive.

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