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his time in the bay area rave scene in the late 90's/early 00's earned him a creepy reputation, mostly due to his fondness of doing "energy work" with shirtless teenage boys.

This can not be under-emphasized. I was in my late teens/early 20s at that time and a lot of my friends who were nerds and into the rave scenes had stories that started with "Oh wow, I met Captain Crunch at a rave, we'll get to hang out soon!" and ended with "You are sweaty, you should take off your shirt!" or "Do you want an energy transfer massage?"

I think his preferences are his own business, but using his reputation to approach a bunch folks much younger than he is and otherwise uninterested, probably had a lot to do with ruining any social capital that he had.

There's a very legitimate discussion that needs to happen about ageism in the industry, but age is not the sole issue in the case of Captain Crunch.

I first met him in '00 (I think). He came up right after I played a live techno set in a warehouse in Oakland, and I second this. As someone who grew up on 2600, my excitement for meeting Draper quickly turned to backing away once the topic of an energy transfer massage came up.

Seriously. It's like this article tries to tug on your heart strings and make the reader want some justice for this early pioneer in tech and then totally never mentions that he's even more famous for being a total creeper.

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