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You can register as a company(LLC), or Corp(S or C). Right now if somehow your service harmed someone they could sue you personally for damages. Register as company, register to fed id number off of irs.gov website. go to a bank and get a business bank account. You can then open a business paypal account they charge a fee but just about anything you spend on business can be written off as an expense and you don't need to pay taxes for it. You'll need to file a seperate set of tax returns for the company at the end of the year but it will if you spend all the money on the business then there will be nothng to tax. if you use an S corp or LLC if your business takes a loss the business can pass that loss on to your taxes.

Thanks a lot for the reply. Unfortunately, we are not based in US, and registering a company is much more complicated in the country we are living in. And, as I said previously, we would like to keep focused on coding, and pass all the legal details to somebody more competent.

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