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Your conspiracy theory kind of falls flat on its face, since former employees have in fact spoken publicly on this.

What you can gather doesn't seem to be very useful either since the quoted number is correct. It's the number of employees reported by Opera to the authorities. But maybe in your conspiracy, Opera manipulates those numbers to lie to the authorities for some unknown, sinister reason?

How is the current management different from the previous management? Didn't the previous management fire anyone? Oh, they did? And they made up some BS reason to justify it?

Do you know what the reason is stated to be this time around, or did you just assume that they are firing random people to strike fear in people's hearts?

My Gawd.

Edit: Regarding people living in fear, here's one of the former employees speaking out:

"The process, from Opera’s side, was done, IMO, very professionally and the severance package we were offered was voluntary as well as substantial."

That's assuming that what they said was said truthfully and not under the threat of a loaded gun. Opera the company shows signs of being on track be acquired (with the founder reportedly selling part of his shares to not have a majority stake anymore [1]) and management would probably like to minimize dissent and bad press.

[1] http://gigaom.com/2013/02/12/opera-founder-sells-shares-pote...

What are you talking about? Loaded gun?

Are you seriously suggesting that the company is using threats of physical violence to shut former employees up?

Who cares about the founder? He previously said he wouldn't necessarily block an acquisition. And if Opera wanted to be acquired, why are they doing business like usual, and even buying up other companies?

Obviously it's a metaphorical loaded gun.

A metaphor for what? What's the loaded gun?

Who are you?

I'll respond to this if I know who I'm talking to.

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