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>"Those laid off are terrified to say anything publicly."

I'm curious as to why?

Norway doesn't seem like a place where people would fear their ex-employers.

It also seems like a place where you could quickly end up meeting ex-employers in new settings.

I can only speculate, and I don't think that's particularly helpful. The 2010 downsizing was quite transparent. This time no ordinary employees seem to have the full picture of what exactly is going in.

Who says employees don't have the full picture? The reasons are even stated in public.

Why would they be terrified of speaking in public -- and if they are, why are several people doing it?

You say that speculating is not particularly useful, and you still speculate that people are terrified of Opera Software, and that the company is lying to its investors about the number of employees?

I’m not sure there are many former employees that are speaking out in public. The ones I’ve seen are my own (obviously), Chaals, and Wilhelm’s comment here. All of us left of our own free will, (long) before these latest layoffs happened. I‘m not sure I’ve seen anything from anyone directly effected (not that this doesn't mean people have and I missed it).

I‘m not saying there is any fear involved, or a conspiracy theory, just that I haven't seen this as the case, bar private posts, and tweets from some that they left the company. When Google laid a large number off at Motorola (of which I was included), there was some sort of agreement in the package about not speaking bad of the company or products. This could be the case here, I don't know.


Haavard, is that you? (c:

It might not be the worst idea to secure a job, before you go ahead and dish on your former employer.

Come on.....saying publicly that you've been "laid off" doesn't mean you're dishing on the former employer.

So it is not actually out of fear for the current management, then? It's just a general fear of speaking of one's former employer if one was let go?

If so, why even mention Opera specifically then?

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