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I apologize for being naive, but I don't understand this. Are they putting together the best of the month and publishing them? In that case, why do they charge for digital copy? Also, are they paying any license fee for the content? I mean, I don't get the model.

What difference does it make with Hacker Newsletter?


I have been a contributor in two issues. Before an article you have written gets published there you are asked for your permission (and given a few months free of charge of subscription.) Also, the layout design, images and all this is work someone has done, and is an awesome work. After my free months expired, I subscribed. There are always things I miss in Hacker News, reading Hacker Monthly makes sure I read the best (or what the collective intelligence+editors in HM deem the best) in the best reading outline

Thanks for the awesome explanation, Ruben!

Very welcome, I just love HM :)

The content is free: http://hackermonthly.com/issue-33.html

What you are paying for, in the digital version, is the formatting and other work.

I sell a book that's a collection of my freely-available blog posts. People like the convenience of having everything in a single file that can easily be read offline, searched, etc. People also like supporting things they read.

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