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Do you love what you do?
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Today is as good of a day as any to ask yourself: Do you love what you do?

At Amicus, you can do good and do well. You can improve lives and work on interesting problems. For instance:

++ We helped win marriage equality:


++ We're well funded:


++ We work on interesting problems:

-A realtime collaborative community environment for supporters of non-profits to communicate, and provide each other encouragement. This will involve realtime javascript with node.js, socket.io, and backbone.js

-Machine learning and/or statistical analysis on demographics and how they relate to outreach/fundraising effectiveness

-Open source projects, including our own in house, soon to be open sourced, real time Model View Presenter javascript framework with bi-directional data binding

-Realtime data visualization with D3, including D3's map projection, to create data visualization's to help client's understand the impact Amicus is having on their organization

-And for lulz: A Minecraft mod/voxel.js project for devirtualizing virtualized servers. Basically a minecraft mod that allows you to control AWS instances by putting down/picking up blocks :-)

Sound interesting? Want to change the world for the better?

Head over to http://jobs.amicushq.com/

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