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I wonder how this will compare to the Eve Online / Dust514 universe?

Eve Online is a persistent mmo, and Dust514 is a console game which interacts with Eve Online for one-off battles.

See https://dust514.com/, http://www.eveonline.com/.

I expect it will compare favourably, except it's first person shoot-em-up style.

I wonder how it will compare to Entropia Universe (fka Project Entropia).

They've also had a persistent, single instance, MMORPG universe for a long time. They ended up introducing missions because people didn't come up with their own things to do. They also have an open ended skill system with no levels. Higher skilled players tend to migrate to the more dangerous areas which cannot be safely travelled by mid-level or beginner players.

Biggest difference I can tell is console vs pc.

(Played EvE for ~9 months, WoW for ~14months, Entropia probably ~2 years over a 9yr period...).

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