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I understand that you don't want to start a browser flame war, and neither i do, but:


Sometimes Chrome is easier to configure (With Firefox you need to enable click to play in about:config, while Chrome has a checkbox somewhere in the "advanced" menu), sometimes is harder (Try to configure a proxy in chrome)

>Ease of migration

I haven't tested it myself, but i know that Firefox can load your history/bookmarks from Internet Explorer and Chrome. If you mean between the same browser, Firefox Sync is on par with Chrome for me.

>Developer tools

Chrome has better tools ootb, but you can install Firebug in Firefox which is mostly on par.


You're talking about addon? Because Firefox's addon can be way more powerful than Chrome's addon.

>System footprint

Firefox usually uses less memory than Chrome (but it's more prone to memory leaks). For the CPU, i don't know about Chrome, but my Firefox installation is currently using about ~1% of it

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