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I'm very interested in more stories here. Do people on HN share the OP's experiences with Paymill? Anyone working at Paymill reading this?

I know Paymill is one of Rocket Internet's many "ripoffs" of successful US companies, but as a European I really don't care about that. They executed on Zalando real well, I've no reason at all to assume that they'd not execute well on Paymill. Or, well, I had no reason to assume so until this article.

I did the required paperwork stuff before writing any code. They called me when I signed up, told me about the service and what documents they needed. It took me an hour to fill out the forms, and once I sent it it took them two days to activate the account. Later on, they had me fill in another form from some industry compliance organization, with super-cryptic and confusing stuff on it. They sent me a sample form with the correct data filled in and told me how much they hated that their customers had to do that. They've been paying me every week without issues. Haven't had to do any other paperwork since. On the first day I accepted payments, their acquiring bank emailed me to verify the addresses of several customers because they had cards issued by high-fraud banks. They all checked out, and I haven't heard from them either since. From my POV Paymill's execution is excellent, and they ANSWER THEIR PHONE immediately if I need them, and solve stuff right away (I haven't needed to do that in a long time)

I didn't realize Zalando was a Rocket Internet company. I see their ads on Belgian television all the time (a very good, funny ad).

I agree with you - as a European I don't care about it being a clone, at least they make an effort to serve my market.

There was a post on LRUG a few days ago about a user integrating with PayMill only to find that customer banks were declining charges via Paymill for "trust" issues.

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