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seanmcdirmid 512 days ago | link | parent

I can't believe the article didn't mention hukou (like an intra-country passport) discrimination at all. The problem is much worse than they make it out to be: not only do you suffer from poorer schools and more tuition than your urban counterparts, the score you need to get on the test to get into a good urban university is actually HIGHER than what the urban kids need.

Having rural hukou is a b*tch.

alanctgardner2 511 days ago | link

They did mention that urban kids don't have to score as much to get into urban schools. They didn't explain the mechanism by which is this is enforced.


seanmcdirmid 511 days ago | link

Ah, I missed that. I think the article should have made a bigger deal about how Hukou prevents rural folk from truly becoming urban folk.


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