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http://browserify.org/ because it will fundamentally change how you approach writing and organizing front end code. The moment you stop writing boilerplate code to glue your disparate files together and start using a simple module system you will never look back. This is more than a library, it is a way of re-thinking how you can maintain js libraries going forward.

http://requirejs.org/ addresses the same problem (AMD style rather than nodejs require style)

AMD style is terrible and should be discouraged. It leaks how it does things too much into the source code and you again end up with boilerplate bs.

I found that browserify tried to do too much by emulating Node within the browser so wrote JoinJS which just implements CommonJS modules without trying to parse the JS files: https://github.com/olegp/joinjs

New version of browserify will be much leaner. Also, if you don't use the node modules it doesn't matter.

Your thing could use some tests if you hope for people to trust it :)

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