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IPython Notebook is an amazing tool. I used it a lot while presenting examples during my GSoC project. It was easy to clearly present the features I was adding to the library as the project progressed. I also used it regularly as an REPL, though I would prefer lot more keyboard shortcuts be made available.

Some examples: http://rhoforsympy.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/week-8-trace-imp...

If you're an Emacs user, you may want to give Emacs IPython Notebook [1] a try. I suspect that it would solve the keyboard shortcuts issue.

[1] http://tkf.github.com/emacs-ipython-notebook/

Note that we also intend to at least expose Emacs/vim keybindings for the text area as soon as possible. It's not hard as codemirror has most of the bits we need, we just haven't had the time for it.

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