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You're basically saying there should only be one web browser and no one should try alternate approaches to common problems unless they're starting with the same codebase.

Being open source doesn't change the fact that it's the same codebase.

Why should there only be one browser engine? I'm a web developer and I hate cross-browser testing/compatibility, I prefer to use Chrome for it's devtools. I would hate for there to only be one browser in the world.

Duplication is not equivalent to standardization.

No, I'm saying that open-source solves most of the issues with a monoculture, while also being more effecient than vendor standardization when it comes to pushing forward innovation.

Saying that every software project in a specific domain should use the same codebase is madness.

That doesn't help the people to get their hands on newer versions though.

On the mobile space users are at mercy whatever WebKit version gets to be integrated into a specific OS release.

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