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> There are some problems with the whitespace in Python.

> I wrote some code with lots of nameless functions as input parameters (think JavaScript style or Ruby blocks), which of course was an ugly pain to port to Python with no multi-line lambdas.

As nnq points out elsewhere in this thread, this doesn't have anything to do with significant whitespace. Python only allows you to have a single expression in the body of a lambda, and from what I've read the reason it stays this way is to discourage using a lambda as an argument to map, fold, filter & friends. The usual suggestion from Python programmers is to just use a locally defined, named function, which to be honest is often what I do anyway in languages like ML, because it's clearer.

And anyway, just because it was hard to port some code from language A to language B due to something different about B doesn't really seem like a valid knock against B.

My argument was that a lack of real anonymous functions (> 1 instruction) is a problem in some quite common and useful scenarios.

If you REALLY can give good references that show this is wrong, I'm very interested (like, I would guess, most Ruby users).

(It would also be interesting with a link to a PEP or something with, as you claim, arguments that map etc should be discouraged -- and that is why no multi line lambdas exists. For instance, how would the syntax look like??)

My argument was just that it has nothing to do with significant whitespace, which is what you were complaining about. Python could be changed to have non-significant whitespace but retain its crippled lambda.

>>My argument was just

You made specific claims (regarding map recommendations in Python and that white space has nothing to do with one instruction lambdas). I asked for references. I assume you have none?

Note that with significant white space a usable syntax for multi-instruction lambdas seems... non-trivial. It seems to me as an unusually stupid fan boy position. But a few well argued references, which you lack, would change my mind. I'm no troll.

Edit: I might also note that your reference nng is a low-Karma account that argues that a cometing open source language to his love child is dead -- typical language war troll. Is that your only reference?

I should rest all this rip, but I can't help it: reference to multi-line lambdas in languages with Python-like syntax: http://cobra-language.com/trac/cobra/wiki/AnonMethod, http://boo.codehaus.org/Closures (yep, you're right, having multiple closures on a single line with offsite-rule syntax is "non-trivial" and no one solved this yet, but even one per line would be enough to make map and fold bearable, and ftr, I want to punch Guido or whoever else has a saying in language's design for not "stealing" this and adopting it into Python - I think there was a PEP along the lines that got killed and burried, can't find it now).

>>I want to punch Guido or whoever else has a saying in language's design for not "stealing" this and adopting it into Python

Please relax... no tool is perfect for all situations. It is always a trade off.

For most use cases where you want map/filter/etc, you can chain list comprehensions using generators.

You have no relevant comment on what I wrote either, I take it? Here I asked for references about the GP's claims.

Also, welcome to HN (or are the prepared troll accounts with a few hundreds of Karma running out? :-) ).

Sorry, I wasn't trying to troll you.

You asked about multi-line lambdas in python and I gave you a valid Python syntax for multi-line anonymous functions. Here is PEP 202, which simply says list comprehensions are more concise than for loops and map/filter etc.


RE: accounts - I delete all of my accounts on social websites once a year.

  | (or are the prepared troll accounts with
  | a few hundreds of Karma running out? :-) )
Keepin' it classy.

Considering the way Python people have been trolling most every Perl discussion for the last few years when I've been on HN, I feel like I'm in orbit compared to people in the mud...

I might also note that I got two non sequitur answers in a row, so a joke like that is imho not an extreme reaction. Hardly as sarcastic as you was over a joke, at least...

Edit: I might also note that this article (76 votes) is 5 places below another roughly equally old article (8 hours) with 13 votes. So it is probably flagged to Hell. I do feel classy, compared to some others.

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