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You say starting off as an LLC means delay at fundraising. Unless you're advocating running entirely unincorporated, I think this is backwards: it is harder to convert your C corp to the form the investors will want than it is to convert an LLC. This was my understanding before last week, when YC's finance person confirmed it (at least as far as YC is concerned) on HN.

Thanks for pointing that out - I should have been more careful with my words. What I meant to say is that most startups will be better off starting as a C-corp, provided that they use market-standard paperwork (i.e. the forms that the major Silicon Valley law firms use, which many of them provide for free) and don't mess anything up (which is consistent with what Kirsty was saying). Of course, I suppose the "not messing anything up" part is harder done than said (which is why YC companies are lucky to have Kirsty) :)

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